Motion Sensor Wireless Night Light

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It's simple - when you move, it lights up. 

This high quality nightlight reacts to motions and movements when you need it - in the dark.

With an incredible motion sense range of 120°/ 10ft (3-5m) range it will notice all movements, even in big rooms - fast and efficient!


The Motion Sensor Light adds beautifully to any room, closet or other space that needs some smart light. Take a look for yourself!

When and where to use it:


Quick facts:

🗸 turns on in the dark 

🗸 intelligent induction lamp

🗸 micro USB charging

🗸 turns off automatically after 25s of no activity



  1. Simply charge your light via USB charger (red -> charge, blue -> full)
  2. Place your light where you need it
  3. Done!


1. Tear off adhesive patch 
2. Paste patch on lamp installation  point
3. Simply attach the lamp to the magnet
4. Now place the lamp wherever you'd like

Now that your motion sensing night light is set up you're good to go! 


Technical Details:

  • Voltage: 36V
  • Charging: via micro USB
  • Power: 0.5W
  • Colour: warm / white
  • Size range from 150mm to 500mm


What you'll receive:


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