Fairy tree

Fairy tree

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Athmosphere? Yes, please!

With these high quality fairy light trees you'll transform any room into your own personal winter wonderland.

Hello winter wonderland!

Say goodbye to gloomy winter nights and hello to this beautiful sparkly tree light, which will light up your room and create a beautiful, cozy athmosphere with just the click of a button.

What's amazing about it:

✔️ Available in two variants, #product pearl and #product fairy

✔️ The perfect christmas gift

✔️ Easy to set up, easy to use

✔️ Lights up every room in a cozy and nostalgic athmosphere. You might never want to leave your room again!

made for you - in every mood


The classic calm setting provides a warm light which will instantly create a warm and cozy athmosphere. You'll love coming home to this after a long and exhasuting day! We promise.


Pink and purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Boost your confidence and productivity with this amazing light setting. Stand out, be proud!


You don't want to decide for only one color? No problem, as you can easily turn on multiple colors at once - a colorful tree for a colorful person!

Check the availability of both products to see other beautiful setting!

How it works:

Once you get your wunderlight fairy tree in the mail, simply do the following:

🖤 Assemble the tree stamp onto the platform (10sec)

🖤 Plug your fairy tree in using the cord provided (5sec)

🖤 With the push of a button - turn it on (1sec)

You see, in as little as 16sec you'll have your fairy tree set up and ready to go. Turn your bed room, living room, bath room, any room into the prettiest place anyone has ever been to - NOW.

#product pearl

#product fairy